About Uruguay

IN Switch, like many other software-leading companies, has chosen Uruguay for installing its Development & Support Center. Due to the unparalleled potential of its national software industry, Uruguay is one of the most attractive countries in the world to these purposes.

Uruguay: First at Software Exports in South America.

Since 1985 Uruguay has been developing a high-quality technological pole focused on software and service exports. Telecommunications and Software development are the sectors with the largest growth over the last years. The reality shows that Uruguay is the first software exporter in Latin America, while it also holds a very important position worldwide. Considering the amount of software exported vis-à-vis the annual production, Uruguay (30%) ranks third worldwide behind Ireland (90%) and India (50%). As software export activities continue to expand, Uruguay is defined as the paradise for software and IT outsourcing.

Nowadays Uruguayan software industry generates over USD 600 million every year, with exports to more than 50 countries (almost three times the production of 2008, when the national software industry sales already exceeded USD 220 million).


Uruguay, is positioned as a regional Technology Center

IN Switch, as well as other international prestigious companies, has chosen Uruguay as its main center for technology and software development.

By November 2009, Uruguay had doubled its export activity in less than one decade and was recognized by the European Union as the leader of the software industry in Latin America. The European Union has invested over USD 1.4 million in installing a Software Testing Center in Uruguay for studying diverse technologies.

All of the aforementioned comparative advantages make Uruguay a perfect place for technology companies.

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