ARPU Enhancing

IN Switch’s ARPU UP Suite is a set of products specially intended for achieving specfic goals regarding TRAFFIC, RECHARGE, CONSUMPTION, REVENUE and/or CHURN defined by the Mobile Operator.

The products of the Suite are grouped in three categories as they pursue different main goals:
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- Increase ARPU.
- Monetize users with no credit.
- Reduce the churn.
- Accelerate the revenue.
- Avoid price war.
- Provide other funding sources.
- Favor customer loyalty.

Key Factors!

Differentiate your Customers

ARPU Up Suite has powerful tools that analyze the market and classify subscribers in segments. Segmentation makes it possible to offer specific products to the subscribers, thus guaranteeing the success of the offers and improving customer experience.

Be Just In Time

With the information of network events, ARPU Up Suite can send offers to end users in the right moment, increasing the chances of a successful response.


Handling multiple channels, ARPU Up Suite selects the way in which to communicate with the end user in order to maximize the revenue, be it by SMS, IVR, USSD, APP or other. Using the right channel is key to the success of an offer.

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