Celumap Suite

CeluMap allows to obtain the geographic location of any mobile phone, allowing its associated users to be informed and keep track of the location of those he/she cares about, at any time, in a very simple way.

CeluMap uses the Mobile Operator’s network to obtain the location of mobile phones and, when the user finds it appropriate, the accuracy of the localization can be improved by installing an application.


  • Works with any type of phone, whether it is a Smartphone or not. It also does not require GPS.
  • Easy registration. Does not require installation. No hassle configuration.
  • It can locate one or several devices.
  • Peace of mind 24×7, thanks to being able to know where those we care about are at any moment.
  • Guaranteed privacy. CeluMap data is confidential, only those users that allow to be located can share their location.

The CeluMap platform contains everything necessary so that the Mobile Operator can commercialize the service to its subscribers.

Celumap is an ideal service for the mobile operator, since it allows to offer location services to its subscribers very quickly, with a modern and easy to use interface.

To start using the service the subscriber has to:

  • Create an account with personal details.
  • Add mobile phones to be located regularly. Due to privacy policies, CeluMap only allows to locate those mobiles that have accepted to be tracked.

And that’s it! Once the authorization notification has arrived, mobiles can be located and receive automatic notifications when they enter/exit places of interest and more!

The coordinates of your peace of mind…