Source: Convergencia Latina, Noticias A Diario

“Amilcar Perea, CEO of IN Switch, the e-money company, told Convergencialatina that they are advancing in the country with key projects to implement solutions that leave behind cash transactions. “I see the Central Bank very active, encouraging tools and going towards the implementation of digital operations”, he said. He assured that the transactions in cash represent in the region 80% but in Argentina the number descends to 74%. However, “the goal of all actors is to bring the figure to levels of developed countries where cash does not exceed 50%”. IN Switch is about to close deals in Argentina with a collection network to implement the e-wallet.

Perea said that he sees in the region a great eagerness and maturity, in addition to projects of financial inclusion to minimize the use of cash for both the banked and the unbanked. He said that Paraguay is a world-wide success story where e-money accounts exceed cash accounts and that in that country they signed an agreement with Claro so that users can make collections, payments, transfers and money transfers with a businesses  network. They also move forward with projects in Mexico and Bolivia.


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