Electronic Top Up

IN Switch’s eTopUp Suite is a complete electronic top-up solution that enables to recharge credit on any type of mobile device.

Our solution allows mobile subscribers to top up their accounts through authorized agents (stores, street sellers, etc.). In this way the operator can easily expand the sales network by incorporating non-traditional retail outlets, which consist only of a GSM handset.
This replaces the current physical scratchcard with an electronic transaction. IN Switch’s voucherless top-up solution allows subscribers to top up their mobile prepaid accounts with a simple electronic transaction:

The subscriber approaches a local mobile agent in order to buy airtime credit.
The mobile agent using his mobile phone enters his own PIN, the subscriber’s MSISDN, and the amount.
eTopUp Suite authorizes the payment, and debits and credits the corresponding prepaid accounts through a direct link with the mobile operator’s prepaid system.
The subscriber and the agent receive a confirmation SMS.
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Key Features

- USSD secure messaging.
- SMS confirmations.
- Web service interface.
- Web management console.
- Scalable architecture.
- Flexible configuration of distribution hierarchy and commissions model.
- Promotions engine (per day, time, cell ID, group of agents, subscribers).
- Reporting Module with useful market visibility reports.
- Flexible top-up values.
- Limits and restrictions.
- Multiple wallets top-up.


eTopUp Suite's electronic eco-system brings about a whole new range of benefits:

Anytime, Anywhere TopUPs.

Low operating costs

It minimizes the overall voucher-related costs (printing, stocking, distributing) and security risks. Also, inventory costs at all levels of the distribution network are reduced by removing the need to carry various denominations of scratchcards.

Expanded sales channel

The distribution network can be expanded into non-traditional retail outlets such as street sellers. This increases the ability of subscribers to top-up accounts anytime, anywhere.

Real-time market visibility

Full visibility and monitoring of the business. In this way, the operator can have a complete view of his prepaid market behavior and the sales channel performance to support business decisions.

Full control over the business

Define the distribution chain and set a sincere commission’s distribution model.

Market segmentation features

Low denomination values or even variable ones, as well as promotions and location features, can be offered, creating the opportunity to access new market segments.


New VAS applications to speed up and push the top-up cycle are available.

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