Mobile Financial Services

With IN Switch’s MFS Suite (Mobile Financial Services) mobile operators and financial institutions can quickly launch mobile money services, offering a whole new range of possibilities and benefits to their customers.

MFS Suite, IN Switch’s mobile money solutions generate a new opportunity to offer massive access services for financial inclusion.


MTS allows subscribers to use their mobile phones for performing monetary transactions, just like using cash. In this way, the mobile device acts as a wallet, credit card, debit card, and even an ATM or bank account, allowing subscribers to buy goods, pay bills, topup their airtime account, send money to friends and family members, among others possibilities.

Using USSD as main channel, any GSM handset with no special functions or internet access can use MTS. Additionally all MTS’s mobile money services can be performed through a web site or a smartphone application, resulting in an easy and intuitive user experience.
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Key Features

- MOBILE MONEY transactions EASY TO USE for all actors.
- USSD-BASED for massive access.
- Management of the entire mobile money eco-system through a friendly WEB INTERFACE.
- FLEXIBLE to BUSINESS MODEL configuration. Get full visibility of the business and market’s behavior.
- Definition of you own DISTRIBUTION CHAIN and MONEY FLOW.
- Real-time REPORTS.
- Easy to integrate with FINANCIAL ENTITIES (credit card and Banks) and EXTERNAL APPLICATIONS.
- WESTERN UNION Certified.


Mobile Operators

Bring financial services to the unbanked.

Attract new customers.

Reduce churn.

Deploy an innovative solution.

Keep a sustainable operation.

Create new revenue streams.

Financial Institutions

Contribute to financial inclusion.

Enable a new access channel to customers.

Set low-cost banking infrastructures in unbanked regions.

Create new revenue streams.



Points of Sale - Agents

Attract new customers.

Increase Security.

Create new revenue streams: commissions.


Access an easy-to-use solution.

Perform monetary transactions from any mobile device.

Centralize your funds.

Success Stories

Nationwide Mobile Money System in Ecuador.