MTS becomes a benefit in times of quarantine for Tigo Money

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March 26, 2020
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April 15, 2020

MTS becomes a benefit in times of quarantine for Tigo Money

We are pleased to know that, even immersed in the pandemic caused by COVID-19, we can contribute through our mobile financial services technology: MTS.

Our solution makes it possible for our clients to offer their users a simple, quick and safe mechanism, so that they can operate from their homes, maintaining the measures implemented by the different affected countries.

That is the case with Tigo Money El Salvador, which last week published an article communicating how the mobile wallet platform -that uses our mobile financial services platform MTS- facilitates the performance of different services, suchs as sending and receiving money from one person to another, topping up phones and paying bills, among others that are key when #StayingAtHome.

You can read the full article here:

Tigo Money, a solution to handle your money without leaving your house.

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, Tigo Money becomes the ideal tool to perform transactions from home. 

In the national emergency that the country [El Salvador] is dealing with because of the coronavirus world crisis (COVID-19), Tigo Money becomes the best option to handle money from the comfort of your home, in an easy, quickly, safe way, and at any time.

With the mobile financial services of Tigo Money, the clients have an e-wallet to carry out conventional transactions from the palm of the hand, using their mobile phones without having to move, thus complying with the prevention instructions issued by the authorities.

With Tigo Money, users can perform different transactions, such as receiving international remittances from Western Union and MoneyGram just by entering the code sent by their family member on the platform.

It is also possible to send and receive money from one mobile phone to another, thus avoiding moving while still getting the money delivered to whoever needs it.

Other options available are prepaid top-ups, either for your number or for another Tigo number, as well as the payment of bills, such as TIGO’s, the electric power, financial services, among others.

All of the above is done in a secure way, as all clients are duly registered and have a personal and non-transferable numerical key, which is the only way to access their e-wallet.

Having a Tigo Money registration is free. The only necessary requirements are: being of age and having a Tigo phone number. Registration can be requested at any authorized agent.

The Tigo Money platform is friendly and can be accessed from the Tigo Money App, which that does not use data, as well as from the web or by dialing *555#. This service can be used by all Tigo users that have a Tigo Money account.

Tigo Money is the first and only Electronic Money Provider Company of El Salvador, authorized by the Superintendence of the Financial System, one of the most important results of the implementation of the Law to Facilitate Financial Inclusion, created in 2015, for the benefit of the Salvadorans.

In addition, Tigo Money was the first mobile financial service to operate in El Salvador as a true demonstration of digital innovation and financial solutions to facilitate the lives of the Salvadorans, saving them time and money, and thus allowing them to be part of the formal financial system.