Quality Policy

Inswitch is committed to guaranteeing the quality of its solutions, through the implementation of effective and continuously improved processes.

We are committed to:

  • Designing, developing, integrating and maintaining our products, be it modules, applications, turnkey solutions or services, so that they comply with our customers’ requests, as well as with the legal and regulatory requirements, pursuant to technological and market trends, to address future needs.
  • Always keeping the flexibility, openness, robustness, modularity, security and competitiveness of all of our products.
  • Fostering a working environment that allows all the members of our company to grow in a continuous and appropriate manner.
  • Generating the abilities and processes that make it possible to offer innovative products.
  • Developing the organization in a sustainable way, for the benefit of all the stakeholders – shareholders, employees, clients and providers- minimizing the risks in order to assure the accomplishment of its objectives.

Approved by

Amilcar Perea – October 23th, 2018