As SMS traffic continues to grow, operators face the challenge of fulfilling such demand without incurring in huge investments. For this reason, IN Switch has designed a light version of SMS-C platform: the SMS-C Lite.

The SMS-C Lite, handles the Operators massive SMS traffic, and avoids the huge investments required by traditional SMS Centers. The SMS-C Lite is a “Forward and Store” carrier-class solution. SMSs are first sent through the signaling network, and if this delivery fails, the SMS is stored until later.



  • High performance.
  • First Delivery Attempt sending policy.
  • Forward and Store functionality.
  • Configurable Limits and restrictions for traffic manage.
  • Handles Black and White Lists.
  • Sigtran and TDM support.
  • IS41 and MAP Support for TDMA and GSM networks.
  • A2P Messaging (Supports multiple ESMEs connections through SMPP).
  • CDR generation.
  • Scaling architecture, grow as traffic demands.