Issuing & Processing

Enhance your business solution with a card program, issuing prepaid cards in local currencies

Inswitch Issuing and Processing is a powerful financial solution based on a digital wallet that allows you to create, manage, and distribute your own virtual and physical cards.

Inswitch Issuing and Processing operates with internal and external authorization for the customer in real time, serving not only corporate programs —closed-loop models—  for managing working capital, travel, and voucher purchases, but also open-loop models, targeted at customers who want to launch a digital bank. 

Engage your customers by providing them with new financial access at lower operating and administrative costs. Improve processing by having reconciliation and settlement —as well as the management of the whole system, users, card settings, approval workflow, stock, inventory, and expenses— all on the same solution.

  • Management: Control how and where your cards are being used.

-Define cards for one-time or multiple use.

- Set-up spending limits and allow merchants/companies by profiles.

- Block/Deny transactions according to merchant profiles. 

- Update all controls anytime and dynamically through the Business Portal or API.

  • Authentication: Fully updatable authentication; PIN code changes are allowed.
  • Authorization: Define where and when authorizations apply in real time.


  • Banks & NeoBanks
  • eCommerce
  • Retail
  • Gig Economy
  • Telecommunications
  • Lending

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