Launch and manage an open or closed loop digital money ecosystem. Provide your customers with a superior seamless omnichannel wallet based on APIs.

Offer your customers outstanding open or closed loop digital money experiences with our Wallet-as-a-Service API-based solution. From a single solution, manage all accounts and transactions.

Any company can deliver end-to-end fintech services for every step of the customer journey:

  • Stored-Value Account: Cover any non-cash facility with stored value accounts, where a customer prepays money. Therefore, they may subsequently use this as a payment method to pay for goods or services, or to send money to others.
  • Transfers: Allow your customers to easily transfer money to any person, whether customer or not, and even from other countries, across borders.  
  • Foreign Exchange: Currency exchange works by letting you convert one currency to another. If your customer performs a transaction in a different currency from the other party, the wallet converts the money respecting the currency of each wallet involved in the transaction.
  • Buy Now Pay Later: Allow shoppers to purchase the product they want in your online store and pay for it in a number of installments according to their preferences.
  • Value-added services: Use the wallet also to pay bills, and to top up your mobile account or any prepaid services.


  • Banks & NeoBanks
  • eCommerce
  • Retail
  • Gig Economy
  • Telecommunications
  • Lending

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