Technology & Partners

In line with our strong commitment to providing optimized telecommunication solutions, ensuring the best support and maximizing our customers’ investments, IN Switch has entered into strategic alliances with technological partners.

Ericsson Licensed Technology

Ericsson Licensed Technology Sweden has designed Erlang OTP for the deployment of prepaid systems and open switches. Erlang OTP is a telecom platform, a running environment and a deployment telecom environment. IN Switch is licensed for Erlang OTP by Ericsson. Ericsson directly supports IN Switch in the deployment and testing of each product.


Oracle Corporation is one of the most important software companies offering complete hardware and software solutions for the management of databases, systems and servers, among others. IN Switch is an Oracle Certified Partner. As such, IN Switch fulfills its customers' commercial and technical needs, improving the business cycle by helping teams stay updated and trained on the latest technologies. It also facilitates important discounts for customers.


HP is the largest technology company and operates in more than 170 countries around the world, offering a complete portfolio of products and services. HP creates valuable and trusted experiences with technology, continuously improving the way their customers live and work. IN Switch Solutions has obtained HP’s Distribution and Commercial Partnership. This allows IN Switch to provide its customers with low cost hardware for implementing turnkey solutions.

Openwave Mobility

Openwave Mobility empowers mobile operators to manage and monetize the growth in mobile video and web traffic. The company operates within the policy control and charging space, with solutions including Mobile Video Optimization, Mobile Data Charging, Subscriber Data Management and Mobile Analytics. Openwave Mobility delivers over 40 billion transactions daily and over half a billion subscribers worldwide use data services powered by its solutions.

Red Hat

Red Hat is the leader supplier of Linux and open source technology. Red Hat provides a high-quality operating system platform that allows telecom carriers work with next-generation communications, and gives the flexibility, performance and power to build an IT infrastructure with strategic advantage. IN Switch's customers may benefit from this alliance.