VAS Services

Value Added Services are in many ways the killer applications of the mobile ecosystem. In other words, customers are constantly pushing Mobile Operators to explore new services and come up with new ideas to enhance the customer experience. Also, as Average Minutes of Usage and Voice ARPU decreases, and the mobile market enters a more mature stage, operators need to seek for additional ways to generate revenue.

IN Switch VAS solutions include a wide range of platforms and services to overcome this challenge. Multi-service platforms as well as more specific VAS applications with segmentation features are offered to help operators launch new services in a fast and cost-effective way.

One Stop Shop

Simplify the access of your customers to your services

Bring your customers all your services in one menu. Launch new services easily.

Multi-Service Center

One Platform - Multiple channels - Inifinit Services
Multi Service Center is a powerful platform that allows you to launch new services in a fast way, and through a wide variety of channels

Ring Back Tones

Now music has no limits
Bring music to your customer’s life. Musicalize the ringing tone with our RBT platform!


Let your subscribers to receive their calls anytime.
Enhance your customer experience and customer care processes with this powerfull Voicemail solution.

Welcome Roamers

Do not miss the travelers!
With Welcome Roamers the Operator can detect in-bound and out-bound roamers, and deliver personalized messages to them.