Inswitch adds a new sales and offers channel with Digicel

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Miami, USA – September 18, 2020 – Inswitch, global leader in financial and telecommunication technologies, has launched a new offers channel on Facebook, with the incorporation of the telecommunications sales service, within the framework of the Inswitch platform with Smart Lending solution.

This innovative product allows those users who do not have data balance to acquire or receive it as an online loan, in real time, directly from the Facebook app, in a transparent and friendly way.

Thanks to the integration with the Smart Lending of Inswitch fintech as a service platform, it is possible to send an accurate offer in real time, so that the user can continue browsing the Internet. Inswitch uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze and predict the consumption behavior of the users and thus offer personalized products at the right time.

Among its services, the balance loan product determines the most suitable value for the client, according to his/her consumption and top-up history. For such purposes, it takes into account the individual score and segmentation of each user.

The service has already been launched in El Salvador for all Digicel users and will be rolling out in other countries throughout 2020.

“Digicel, as a company dedicated to telecommunications, is characterized by the constant evolution of its services. On this occasion, in a strategic alliance with Inswitch and Facebook, we are providing an immediate access channel for our users who do not have balance and want to get a loan for both balance or packages in real time, online and through this social media. That is why we invite the Salvadorans to experience this innovative and friendly tool, which will allow them to stay connected with the world, quickly and easily, through the most popular social network in the country”, said Javier Urdampilleta, Digicel’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“We are very proud to have launched this service through Digicel, which thanks to a quick integration with the Inswitch Smart Lending, we were able to complete in record time. With this service we hope to be able to support Digicel by offering high-value products to its consumers, increasing the revenue per user as well as their retention. The open architecture of the Smart Lending solution allows external applications to connect to this platform and use its services to determine a user’s eligibility for the offering of loans”, said Mauro Gerner, Growth Manager of Inswitch.

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