Inswitch brings innovative payment solutions to Mexico

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As the world becomes more digitized and consumers demand a seamless and secure payment experience, businesses need a reliable and agile payment processing solution to stay competitive.

Mexico is a key player in the global fintech market, with a population of over 128 million people and a growing economy. Despite being the second largest economy in Latin America, Mexico still has a significant portion of its population that remains underserved and unbanked according to a report by the World Bank. This presents an important opportunity for fintech companies, merchants, and e-commerce to offer innovative financial products and services to this underserved market. Furthermore, Mexico's fintech industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years, with a 23% increase in the number of fintech startups in 2021 alone.  This is where Inswitch comes in with our comprehensive suite of payment, issuing, and banking solutions. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using Inswitch payment methods in Mexico, and how their embedded finance platform can revolutionize how businesses, e-commerce, merchants and fintechs operate.

One of the key advantages of using Inswitch in Mexico is its extensive network of payment methods. Inswitch provides a wide range of payment solutions, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, cash payments, and more than 47,000 collection points, and over 12,500 cash disbursement points to all Mexican and global companies. With this robust network, businesses can easily reach customers across different regions, with different payment preferences, and cater to their specific needs.

With this, Inswitch ensures its clients in Mexico and the region have access to the most comprehensive fintech stack in LATAM:

  • Widest payment method coverage with online and real-time processing.
  • Digital banking core.
  • Issuance and processing of physical and digital cards.
  • Single integration and contract for multiple countries.
  • 24/7 specialized support.
  • Integrated analytics and predictive models that provide tools for fraud prevention and minimizing payment risks.
  • High-security standards, such as PCI DSS certification, business rule configuration, and secure APIs based on OAuth 2.0, among others.
  • Online, real-time dashboards for automatic management of transaction reconciliations.
  • One business platform to manage all.

Everything is accessible through APIs and with a high and secure infrastructure in the cloud.

Unlock New Opportunities with Inswitch in Mexico.

For e-commerce businesses, Inswitch's payment methods are a game-changer. By using Inswitch, businesses can offer their customers a variety of payment options, enhancing their shopping experience and ultimately increasing their chances of completing a purchase. With their mobile payments and cash payments solutions, Inswitch has made it easier for customers to pay for goods and services in a way that is convenient and accessible to them. This is especially important in a country like Mexico, where cash is still a preferred payment method in many cases.

In addition to e-commerce, Inswitch's payment methods are also highly beneficial for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, banks and neobanks, telcos, and more. With Inswitch, these industries can create seamless payment experiences for their customers, making it easier for them to manage their finances and pay bills. 

Another significant advantage of using Inswitch in Mexico is its embedded finance platform. Inswitch's platform allows businesses to issue branded cards and process payments, and even have a core banking service as a white-label solution. This means that businesses can offer financial services, such as digital wallets and create card programs, to their customers under their own brand, without having to invest in their own technological infrastructure.

For businesses looking to enter the fintech space or expand their financial offerings, Inswitch's embedded finance platform is an excellent solution. By partnering with Inswitch, businesses can quickly and easily launch new financial products and services, without having to spend time and resources building their own financial infrastructure. In addition, Inswitch's platform is highly scalable and can handle a large volume of transactions, making it an ideal solution for startups or merchants of all sizes.

Furthermore, Inswitch's platform can also provide businesses with access to a wide range of financial data, giving them valuable insights into their customers' spending habits, financial needs, and preferences. With this information, businesses can make informed decisions about their financial products and services.

Lastly,  Inswitch's payment solutions are secure and PCI certified. It is fully licensed in Mexico, ensuring compliance with local regulations. Its advanced fraud detection system, Inswitch Security Layers Engine, guarantees secure and legitimate transactions for businesses and customers.

In conclusion, Inswitch is a powerful payment, issuing and banking solution for businesses operating in Mexico. With their extensive network of payment methods, embedded finance platform, and advanced security features, Inswitch is poised to revolutionize how businesses operate in the fintech space. Whether you are an e-commerce business, a CPG company, a bank/neobank, or a telco, Inswitch's payment and banking solutions are sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. So, if you are looking to add new capabilities to your company let’s schedule a product demo with our team. We are eager to work with you and you can find more information at

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