Inswitch drives the growth of the global video game industry with integrated and secure payment solutions. 🚀

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Inswitch, the leading "embedded finance" technology company, is positioning itself as a benchmark in the video game industry. Through the strategic collaboration between Inswitch and ABYA Corp, video games are being propelled in Brazil by providing advanced and secure payment solutions.

ABYA Corp, renowned for its Gaming as a Service platform called ABYA Go, has selected Inswitch as its technology partner for its regional growth plan. Thanks to Inswitch's payment platform, ABYA strengthens its presence in the Brazilian market with the launch of the new payment method for ABYA: Pix.

Pix, the Brazilian instant payment system developed by the Central Bank of Brazil, allows ABYA to reach hundreds of thousands of players in the country, thanks to its speed and convenience.

With this strategic alliance, Inswitch offers companies in Brazil a comprehensive platform of financial services, including:

  • Wide coverage of payment methods in Brazil and Latin America.
  • Simple integration for multiple countries through APIs and microservices.
  • Online and real-time payment processing.
  • Integrated analysis tools and predictive models to prevent fraud and minimize payment risks.
  • Ready-to-use financial products.
  • High security standards, including PCI DSS certification and OAuth 2.0.
  • Real-time KPI dashboards for automated transaction management.
  • Specialized support available 24/7.

According to PWC projections, the video game industry is expected to reach a value of $321 billion by 2026. In this scenario of growth, Inswitch offers fast and secure payment solutions that can be crucial for the players in this market. Their services enable companies to capitalize on this expansion, providing competitive advantages in an increasingly dynamic and competitive sector.

With this new client, Inswitch consolidates its position as one of the leading providers of integrated financial services in Brazil, driving the next generation of banking and payments in the gaming industry.

About Abya:

ABYA makes world-class video games accessible to anyone on almost any device. Based in the US, ABYA designs, develops, and integrates technological components to create cloud gaming solutions. Its proprietary cloud gaming platform, ABYA Go, provides instant access to a wide variety of leading titles on almost any device. ABYA is also a partner of NVIDIA to offer GeForce NOW Powered by ABYA to millions of enthusiastic players in Latin America. Both platforms allow users to play games directly on their devices without the need for a high-end console or PC.

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