Inswitch partners with VTEX and expands the payments offer for over 3,200 companies.

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Inswitch, the embedded finance platform, and VTEX, a company specialized in eCommerce, announce their strategic alliance which will allow the more than 3,200 clients of the VTEX Commerce Platform to process payments and expand the offer of payment methods through Inswitch across Latin America. The integration between both companies will be available as of February 1st, 2023.

With this new integration, Inswitch consolidates its position in the embedded finance industry to accelerate digital commerce by offering the most convenient payment methods for each user, improving shopping and checkout experiences on websites, and decreasing time-to-revenue for businesses with VTEX in LATAM.

The flexibility of the VTEX platform, together with Inswitch's modular architecture of embedded finance, allows any company to create new payment experiences, providing a solid network of local and international payments through credit cards, banks, cash points, digital wallets, BinancePay and multi-country payment services, including cross-border ones.

This alliance accomplishes the generation of a better experience for the end user, who will be able to pay through multiple channels and with the most beneficial payment method among those preferred in each market.

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