Inswitch Smart Lending arrives in the cloud! ⚡🌩

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This is a great milestone for us, that combining with our wallet platform, issuing product and payment capabilities in all markets; creates a unique and powerful value proposition for our clients.

With this new product, we can also speed implementation time for new clients (from months to just a few days), thus reducing the setup fee and operational costs related to deployment. 

The new system improves reporting features, implementing a new self-service philosophy both for the creation of customized dashboards and different access levels, allowing each client to self-manage several of its own market settings.

The new on-demand autoscaling capacity means considerable savings for our clients, as big infrastructure deployments are no longer required. Instead, the system adjusts the resources automatically, based on market demand, making it possible to invest only what is necessary to be able to operate.

Finally, it is also worth highlighting that the new multitenant capacity allows our engineers to operate, manage and make upgrades available in a massive and centralized way, thus considerably improving service quality from the operational standpoint.

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