Making crypto companies' fiat On/Off ramps easier than ever

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Over the past few years, interest in cryptocurrency has grown immensely for consumers, businesses, and institutions around the world. According to Coin Market Cap, the market cap for cryptocurrencies surpassed $1T USD in 2022 and there are more than 420 million crypto users worldwide. 

Despite the recent market conditions, the potential growth for digital assets will continue to evolve. However, people face many barriers to entering the crypto ecosystem – today's average onboarding experience was built for the crypto expert. From difficulty understanding how to open an account to upload the proper documentation, then actually funding the account – the crypto funding flow is complicated, especially for first-time crypto buyers. To continue growing, exchanges need to support an experience for everyone, no matter if they’re avid crypto traders, or just want to start engaging with the crypto ecosystem. That is why Inswitch and Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem with a product suite that includes the largest digital asset exchange, worked together to build better bridges between the traditional finance and crypto ecosystems.

We announced our alliance with Binance a few months ago, which allows Binance users to easily and securely fund in and fund out their accounts in more than 20 countries in LATAM and Africa with Inswitch’s payments solution. Besides, Binance customers in LATAM can now convert crypto into fiat currencies more easily with the help of Inswitch’s network for funds outs with banks, cash locations, and more. Inswitch will not just help with funding, since the solution is endowed with streamlined identity verification (KYC) to fight against fraud and money laundering. 

And this is just the beginning. Inswitch is helping other crypto companies create faster, easier, and higher-converting payment experiences for their customers around the world. 

If you need a partner to build better bridges between fiat and cryptocurrencies, reach out to our team. We´ve got the market expertise and the technical infrastructure to grow your business easily and securely.

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