Engage your customers with new financial accesses

Create, distribute, and manage your own custom program of virtual and physical cards. Generate new business models at lower operating and administrative costs.

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Launch flexible card programs in days

Start now and set up your card program in a few steps. From the card design, to program details, and even authorization processes.

Prepaid virtual or physical card programs

Allow your customers to request prepaid physical or virtual cards.

Authorize transactions in real time

Define where and when authorizations apply in real time. Keep control over card transactions.

Configure revenue model

Set up fees and get a percentage or charge a fixed amount for each transaction.

Your card, your brand

Customize your card with your design, or use the template that best fits your brand just adding your company logo.

Full visibility for your customers

You customers can manage how they use their cards: check balances and consumption anytime, pause and activate cards when they need to,  and activate dynamic CVV in virtual cards

Simplified PCI compliance

Inswitch is PCI compliant which means we follow industry standards on card data security. However, our issuing solution allows our customers to use most of our APIs without the need to be certified themselves.

Optimize revenue with a better experience

Increase your customer satisfaction

Manage your entire card program and configure card preferences and limits to control transactions, spending, payments, approvals, allowed business types, and flow of funds with the Business Portal or our APIs.

- Control how and where your cards are being used.

- Create cards for one-time or multiple use.

- Set-up spending limits and allow merchants/companies by profiles.

- Block/Deny transactions according to merchant profiles.

- Update anytime all controls dynamically.

- Track your program with detailed reports of card usage and activity and take real time actions.

Simple processing

Easy conciliation and settlement

Improve processing by having reconciliation and settlement -as well as the management of the whole system, users, cards settings, approval workflow, stock, inventory, and expenses- all in the same solution.


Inswitch principal issuing member of Mastercard

Inswitch can issue cards as a Mastercard principal member in key markets in LAC and other regions in the future. This collaboration allows to offer digital and physical Mastercard branded cards for a broad range of applications across industries. Read more in our press release about this alliance.

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Alcance global sencillo

Escale su negocio más rápido con una red global lista para usar

Deje que su cliente use el método de pago que desee utilizando nuestra red local e internacional de más de 500K puntos de cobro con tarjetas de crédito, bancos, efectivo, billeteras digitales y servicios de pago de diversos países.

Nuestra Cobertura

Multi moneda

Acepte múltiples monedas, incluso criptografía, y aumente la satisfacción del cliente usando la moneda que prefieran con cálculos automáticos de FX.

Seguridad 360

Compliance y protección integrada contra el fraude

Mantenga su empresa y sus servicios seguros, en función de nuestro conjunto de API de gestión de fraudes y KYC/KYB. Para garantizar cada transacción en tiempo real, mitigar las actividades de fraude y proteger sus servicios fintech, integramos los más altos estándares de seguridad: cumplimiento de PCI DSS, OAuth 2.0, autenticación multifactor y auditorías externas periódicas.


Centralice todas las funciones clave de KYC/KYB y verifique la identidad de personas y empresas en más de 195 países de todo el mundo.

Gestión de anti-fraude

Defina su estrategia de prevención de fraude con políticas, reglas, puntuación de usuarios, lista de permitidos/listas de bloqueo y restricciones de AML. Proteja la detección de transacciones financieras contra las listas de vigilancia de la OFAC.

Detección de actividad sospechosa

Configure límites, perfiles de usuario, disparadores de alarmas basados ​​en eventos y listas de permitir/denegar. Reciba alertas automáticas cuando se detecte actividad sospechosa.

The power of Inswitch

A platform made for business

Grow as you need

Use our API-based modular architecture to add services to follow your business plans.

Intuitive management tools

Manage your business, access dashboards, and take actions according yo results with a friendly portal.

Speed to market

Deploy cost-effective new features and services with a fast go-to-market strategy with our APIs and solutions.

Cloud-based solution

Rely upon our cloud-based platform to ensure high availability and performance.

Full documentation and sandbox

All APIs are fully documented for your developers . Use the sandbox to try new functionalities on a safe environment.

24/7 support

Operate confidently with our monitoring service, KPIs, analytics, and 24/7 NOC support.

Add new lines of business

Mix and match our fintech solutions to suite your needs

Combine your card program with other Inswitch’s solutions and give your customers ’s with new financial access, at lower operating and administrative costs.


Enable outstanding digital experiences

Launch and manage a closed or open loop digital money ecosystem with our Wallet as a Service solution based on APIs.

Offer your customers more fintech solutions with ewallet’s services

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A simple solution to make online payments easy

Unlock funds-in, funds-out and payment processing capabilities with our Payments APIs and experiences.

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Engage your customers with new financial accesses

Create, distribute, and manage your own custom program of virtual and physical cards. Generate new business models at lower operating and administrative costs.

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