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Dazzle your customers with a faster payment experience

Simplify your payment process generating a link with all payment information in seconds

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Accept payments anywhere

Create a payment page in just 3  steps

Use our tools to directly create the payment page in just 3 steps, no code needed.

1. Link creation

Complete a quick form with a description of the link, all the information for the payment: amount, currency, which payment methods will be available to pay, an image of a product, and even emojis to make it funnier. You can also add here the logo of your brand.

2. Link sharing

This step is just as simple as copy, paste and send the link to your customer in the channel they prefer.

3. Payment confirmation

Your customer uses the link to complete the payment. Once it is successfully completed, you receive a notification and the money is yours.

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Recycle links anytime you need

Links can be used anytime you need: with another customer with the same payment definitions or for recurring payments.

It’s all about the experience

Simplify your customers payment experience

Payment links can be used for anything: from paying a product/service to paying subscriptions/memberships, and even crowdfunding or donations. They simplify the payment process.

Get global easy

Scale your business faster with a ready-to-use global network

Let your customer use the payment method they want by using our local and international network of 500K+ collection points with credit cards, banks, cash, digital wallets and payment services from diverse countries.

Multi currency

Accept multiple currencies even crypto and increase customer satisfaction by using the currency they prefer with automatic FX calculations.

Our coverage
360 Security

Integrated compliance and fraud protection

Keep your company and services safe, based on our KYC/KYB and fraud management set of APIs. To ensure each transaction in real time, mitigate fraud activities and protect your fintech services, we integrated the highest security standards: PCI DSS compliance, OAuth 2.0, multi factor authentication and regular external audits.


Centralize all the key KYC/KYB functions and verify the identity of individuals and businesses in 195+ countries around the world.

Fraud management

Define your fraud prevention strategy with AML policies, rules, user scoring, allowlist/blocklist, and restrictions. Protect financial transactions screening against OFAC watch lists.

Detecting suspicious activity

Set up limits, user profiles, event-driven alarm triggers, and allow/deny lists. Receive automatic alerts when suspicious activity is detected.

The power of Inswitch

A platform made for business

Grow as you need

Use our API-based modular architecture to add services to follow your business plans.

Intuitive management tools

Manage your business, access dashboards, and take actions according yo results with a friendly portal.

Speed to market

Deploy cost-effective new features and services with a fast go-to-market strategy with our APIs and solutions.

Cloud-based solution

Rely upon our cloud-based platform to ensure high availability and performance.

Full documentation and sandbox

All APIs are fully documented for your developers . Use the sandbox to try new functionalities on a safe environment.

24/7 support

Operate confidently with our monitoring service, KPIs, analytics, and 24/7 NOC support.