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Disrupt financial experiences through the Inswitch Fintech-as-a-Service platform based on APIs

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The banking industry

Today the financial industry has new demands: consumers are more and more focused on convenience, simplicity, fewer and lower fees, transparency, and a fully digital experience.

To keep up with the market requirements and with users’ pace, Banks, Financial Institutions, and even Central Banks have to innovate.


With the rise of Fintech, customers are making a shift from physical banks and cash towards online banking and wallets, and that is where NeoBanks and Challenger banks come in, to revolutionize the finance industry.

They are transforming the way customers understand what the banking experience should be like, and that is why they need to be up-to-date with innovation and technology trends.

The power of Inswitch

With Inswitch, get ready to

Open accounts easily with faster digital onboarding in compliance with local regulations.

Reward your customers through digital loyalty programs and treat them like VIPs.

Accelerate all your processes to enable personalized UX with fully digital experiences.

Reduce your operative cost and transfer that to customers as lower fees.

Our solutions

Mix and match our fintech solutions to suite your needs

Combine Inswitch’s solutions and give your customers ’s with new financial access, at lower operating and administrative costs.


Enable outstanding digital experiences

Launch and manage a closed or open loop digital money ecosystem with our Wallet as a Service solution based on APIs.

Offer your customers more fintech solutions with ewallet’s services

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A simple solution to make online payments easy

Unlock funds-in, funds-out and payment processing capabilities with our Payments APIs and experiences.

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Engage your customers with new financial accesses

Create, distribute, and manage your own custom program of virtual and physical cards. Generate new business models at lower operating and administrative costs.

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