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Discover how we make any company a fintech company.

What is Inswitch?

A cloud -based, FaaS platform that enables any company to build financial services.

Inswitch Core & Wallet

Inswitch Experiences

Inswitch Network

Our platform

Our cloud-based, 360 FaaS platform helps you cover all your business requirements, by leveraging on our 3 pillars: Inswitch Core, Inswitch Experiences e Inswitch Network.

Take advantage of the easy access to Inswitch Core & Wallet through APIs, the local networks with Inswitch Network, and the seamless management of the entire solution through Inswitch Experiences.

Inswitch Core & Wallet

Inswitch Core & Wallet combine all of our capabilities. It's the inner workings of our platform, which we make available through APIs, thus enabling any company to build its own fintech solution. It makes integration easier and empowers you to take control of your customer experiences.

Based on APIs

APIs improve connectivity and streamline operations to deliver functionalities without bottlenecks. Behind the scenes, our core functionalities are based on microservices. Microservices are an ideal solution to keep up with the ever changing financial ecosystem. They work as independent modules that can quickly adapt and evolve. They allow us to add and enhance capabilities with reduced cost and low risk, providing a scalable approach to the services we provide.

Speed up your time to market

With Inswitch Core & Wallet, we make our capabilities modular in nature, so you can combine them to find the perfect solution for your business. Whether you are creating a whole new solution or adding features to an existing one, using these composable pieces saves you time, which results in a quicker time to market.  

Inswitch Network

Inswitch Network provides a robust local and international payment network of Credit Cards, Banks, Cash locations, ATM, POS, Digital Wallets and Payment Services from several countries, allowing cross-border services.

A single integration

Use a single integration for a fast and smooth connection with our network. Use the Inswitch Network and operate as a local anywhere you decide to expand your business too, making the most of our extensive coverage.

Inswitch Experiences

Easily manage your entire fintech solution from a single place. Inswitch Experiences is the visual interface that allows you to set up and manage all of our platforms capabilities. This is where management, developers, operations people, and support specialists will converge for their daily work.

Business Portal

We know that your brand means everything and that is why the Business Portal brings white-label channel features to improve your users experience. Define the look & feel of your digital wallet or ecommerce checkout following your brand guidelines and corporate policies.

Use the ready-made reports or create your own to analyze use and performance of your solution. Control your balance and payment methods. Keep track of transactions. Use the sandbox environment to safely test new functionalities before launch.

Developer Portal

Use the Developer Portal to work on our APIs and deploy the fintech solution that best fits your business requirements. We provide full documentation of our APIs and a sandbox environment that you can use as a playground to try them out.

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