Network Rules

Inswitch Network and its rules of operation:

Inswitch Holding operates through different subsidiaries throughout the world to offer its integrated services through a network of business partners that allow it in turn, to serve a number of customers and solve multiple needs, ranging from local and international transfers, wallet operation, payment consolidation, etc.

Currently the Inswitch Network covers operations in Latam, Europe, Africa and Asia.

In order to offer its technological services, Inswitch performs partner onboarding that allows it to expand its local offer and ensure that the customer only needs to make a connection to Inswitch's services, without needing to go directly through local payment gateways.

In countries where Inswitch is licensed to operate all its services, the company makes use of its own licensing, while in some cases where a specific certificate is required that could limit its operation, Inswitch relies on licenses from its partners or customers, to ensure full compliance with the specific regulation of each region.

The rules of communication and operation between the Inswitch network are defined by robust legal, operational and support processes, and begin with a Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business Partners (KYB) process. 

For each of its business relationships, Inswitch and its business partners delimit roles and responsibilities and define a level of support. The communication of data is also regulated and follows data privacy care protocols.

Basics of integration:

The use of APIs allows an impeccable and scalable integration of services. At the same time, Inswitch has a high-level support team that ensures the scalability of the different operations.

Prohibited activities:

All related with:

● Any illegal activity - Illegal content or services;

● Weapons - Military arms, firearms and ammunitions; explosive devices and firearms parts. Trade in weapons, ammunition, military weapons, -loyalty programs-

● Casinos and gambling equipment, including "junknet operators" that arrange gambling tours;

● Animal’s races;

● Trafficking in persons or any sign of modern slavery; Trafficking in persons; Trade in organs; Human remains and body parts

● Political groups and organizations and their candidates or religious organizations; fund raising by political parties;

● Racist, hateful or inflammatory material; Products / Services that promote abuse, hatred, racism, persecution on religious, political or ethnic grounds, or contain offensive content.

● Pornography (goods and stores, companion and scort services, dating and matchmaking services, online adult memberships, adult bookstores, adult telephone conversations); Sexual content: zoophilia and child pornography; 1. Adult entertainment, website or content such as: Adult escorts, prostitution services and massage parlors; Video text messaging or paid subscriptions to live streams when they involve adult erotic content or conversations; Gentlemen´s clubs, strip clubs and topless bars; Mail order bride services;

● Lotteries and raffles; Unlicensed lottery or gambling services, including "house raffles"; and "lottery reshipping" services;

● Replica merchandise; Counterfeit goods

● Drugs or drug owners selling illegal substances; Drugstores, drug owners, pharmaceutical laboratories. Drug paraphernalia involving equipment designed to manufacture or consume illegal drugs.

● Satellite and cable TV set-top boxes, unlocking TV channels, among others;

● Pawn Shops;

● Databases, information processing;

● Unauthorized foreign exchange portfolio management and investment advisory services, also; known as foreign exchange trading and signal schemes; Unregulated charities; Unregulated charities

● Offshore bank account services;

● Business models related to "fan buying";

● Email spam services;

● Chemical and related products - not elsewhere classified;

● VPN/Anonymizer service; Copyright infringing products and services / Counterfeit products / Mod Chips;

● Pyramid Selling (Ponzi Scheme), "get rich quick" schemes masquerading as multi-level marketing;

● Business models related to forged documents;

● Business models offering Internet data erasure;

● Adoption agencies;

● Unblocking of cell phones and/or cell phones, programming of electronic cards; Illegal drugs, hallucinogenic and non-permitted substances;

● Money laundering of any origin and related businesses;

● Exotic pets, sale and/or breeding of animals;

● Pro-terrorist individuals and legal entities;

● Transportation of organic, hospital or hazardous waste

● Drugs or drug owners selling illegal substances;

● Spy equipment and accessories;Private investigator services;

● Illegal downloads of movies, music, computer and video games; Illegal software, e.g., malware.

● Illegal software, e.g. Malware, software to break phone/computer encryption; Illegal sale of financial information (e.g., malicious software).

● Illegal sale of financial information (e.g. bank accounts, bank cards); Illegal sale of financial information (e.g. bank accounts, bank cards)

● Poisonous and hazardous materials; Transportation of organic, hospital or hazardous wastes.

● Inclusions on the sanctions list (global)

● Shell companies and banks

● Blockers/signal jammers that interfere with cellular/communication devices

● Stolen goods, including digital and virtual goods

● Surrogacy services.

Restrictive activities (requires approval):

● Credit card administration

● Donations

● Loans - Investment activities - Charges

● Live adult casinos;

● Alcohol or alcohol-related products;

● Binary options (futures contract between a broker and a trader);

● Cannabidiol (CBD);

● CD keys;

● Cloud storage - File hosting;

● Collection agencies, debt refinancing/factoring, mortgage brokers/downsizing/refinancing services,

● Payday loans;

● Electronic cigarettes;

● Gold Farming (a term referring to an MMORPG player who attempts to obtain valuable items within the game world, usually to exploit the game's virtual economy. He usually achieves this by repeatedly performing in-game actions to maximize income);

● Insurance / Warranties;

● Live streaming services;

● Nutritional, dietary, natural and vitamin supplements;

● Online marketing and direct marketing;

● Precious metals and gemstones trading/trading;

● Online PC remote support and services;

● Travel tour operators ;

● Online dating, dating sites, friends and personal relationships;

● Investment clubs, stock trading, FOREX and exchange houses;

● Charities, foundations, donations or fundraising by third parties;

● Generic branded products, replicas or imitations;

● Timeshare programs, travel clubs and reservation centers;

● Professional services;

● Multilevel marketing, referral benefits or new user revenue; Auctions.

● Financial and non-financial entities offering debt settlement services.

● Crowdfunding merchants.

● Airline companies

● Gambling merchants, including lottery tickets, casinos, gambling chips, sports betting and racetrack betting.

● Pharmacies and drugstores.